Donald R. Bernard- Man with Multi-Roles

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Public Servant
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Each of us has our own idols. When we idolize a certain person, we praise his or her works; we appreciate his or her achievements. Some opt to follow the steps of the icon that they truly look up to.  The word icon doesn’t only apply to TV personalities. It can be applied to anyone who has incredible achievements, those who gained citations because of their enormous works and contributions. Since we are talking about honor, pride, icon, a certain man embodies the essence of these words. Once you learn about him, you will surely love Donald R. Bernard. Not everyone can achieve what Donald R. Bernard attained. He is indeed a certified icon. 

Donald is a former Navy Commander for the United States of America, and he dedicated his life doing military service for more than 2 decades. However, even though he rendered military service, he didn’t forget his other roles as a dedicated educator, lawyer, author and most of all, a truthful public servant. See how great Donald R. Bernard is? Not all can do these roles at the same time.

In the entire course of his career, this amazing man conducted a wide range of projects that can abet cross-cultural understanding. Bernard also became a delegate in the initial joint international bar seminar between USA and the Soviet Union, in the year 1988.

Donald R. Bernard is very successful in the field of law. As a matter of fact, he served as a briefing lawyer for the Texas Supreme Court. During the early years of his professional course, Donald R. Bernard worked as an Assistant Attorney General, still in the state of Texas. For over 30 years, Donald Bernard committed himself in private legal practice. He finished his degree in law at the University of Texas, and he also accomplished his Bachelor of Arts as well as his Master of Laws in this prestigious institution.


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